Porsche 911, 993, 964 Instrument repairs

These units were made by VDO for a number of Porsche vehicles, The 911, 964 and 993 

to name just a few. On earlier units the terminals were arranged along the edge of the casing with a natural/beige nylon moulding, later units used a unique 5 pin connector as on the 993 unit below.

The most common failure is the odometer and trip counters. Being mechanically geared, the two counters will fail together, the cause of failure is a soft plastic gear or cushion gear that drives the counters.

The units can also suffer the usual electronic failures that can affect any aged electronic device.

At Ryan Linley Restoration your instrument will receive a full overhaul with every part cleaned and checked before reassembly, the bezel and case refinished and all components that are subject to degradation are replaced*, the troublesome gear is replaced with a high quality injection moulded gear (Not 3D printed) to ensure reliability. Brand new bezels are available at extra cost if yours is damaged.

*Please note: If your unit is showing no sign of life and the pointer is not responding to input, the main driver IC may have failed. Due to the ever increasing cost of these discontinued and scarce components, replacement of these parts is not included in the  full overhaul and are only charged in addition when required.

Customers with earlier units containing SAY115X (MPH) and SAY115Y (KMH) are advised that the main driver IC is common to a number of  Veglia made Ferrari speedometers, as such the average price for this NOS or salvage part is now over £150! From parts recovery services with no guarantee of reliability.

We are Currently working on a complete circuit replacement solution for these units.