Morgan & Lotus VDO Speedometers

These lightweight Digital instruments were fitted to a number of 90’s Morgan and Lotus Cars, the common fitments being the Morgan Plus 4 and Plus 8 Models and the Lotus Esprit V8. The digital movement that these units utilise was the basis of the Vision range of instruments by VDO and was used in many automotive, industrial and marine applications. The units were tailored to suit the end application by means of a factory program running in the units microprocessor,with the appropriate Miles, Kilometres or Hours being displayed on a Liquid-Crystal-Display (LCD), The Pointer is actuated by means of a precision Micro-Stepping-Motor with internal reduction gears. 

Unfortunately, with some units seeing over 25 years in service, these units are now beginning to suffer from age related component degradation. The most common issue by far is the failure of the LCD odometer screen, a failure that often results in missing segments or blank display. As always, the fault is most likely to occur when you need the odometer most.

The second most common failure is the units internal memory. All of these units use a factory programmed EEPROM memory that contains the calibration data for the instrument and also the encoded mileage. Due to the way in which the EEPROM memory fails, the data stored within becomes corrupted, leading to malfunction of the LCD and pointer stepping motor, you may see the pointer stepping up the dial in large steps or jumping to top of scale and back when this failure occurs.

Ryan Linley Restoration can bring your VDO units back to life and replace the troublesome components that result in failure, we can also correct and reset or recover mileage values to ensure vehicle records are correct.

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