Digital Speedometer Conversions with colour graphic counters!

When a cable driven instrument is no longer an option but a modern electronic 

display would spoil the look of your classic dash, look no further….

Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV РJaeger Italia Speedometer, converted to fully digital 

A fully Restored Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV panel with digital speedometer conversion

A SMITHS Super Minx Speedometer fully converted, looks Amazing even close up!

A Lamborghini Urraco Speedometer, a rare perfect example with a very fragile aluminium bezel.

Conversion Details:

* We are able to convert most speedometers to this new specification

* All conversions are fully reversible to restore the original function and form

* Units are programmable to suit any signal rate and work with most OE sensors

* Speedometers can be converted without cosmetic changes or loss of patina

* Highly stable and accurate readings with instant trip reset zero (great for timings)

* Mileage value can be set to customer value for mileage consistency

* Comprehensive instructions for easy fitting and setup

* Full Warranty and technical support provided