BMW F650 (R13) Instrument Servicing

The BMW F650 R13 Instrument Cluster, Manufactured under the C.E.V trade mark.


These units are quite robust and as you would expect, ideally suited to their demanding fitment. There is however a problem within the unit that will remain undetected until it is too late to avoid damage being done.

We are of course referring to the dreaded leaking capacitor, a problem that affects many electronic panels on many vehicles. 

After years of thermal stress and thousands of hot – cold – hot cycles, it is not surprising to find that the components have degraded and have leaked corrosive electrolyte onto the printed circuit board, the resulting corrosion creates conductive salt residues that are able to short circuit sensitive components.

Aged Capacitors in automotive instruments and equipment are a well documented horror story, but it is a horror story that you can avoid being part of.

Contact us and arrange for a service and avoid more costly repairs that could be ahead.